My troubled heart.

My troubled heart.

I remember now, my heart should be with God.

In the heavenly places where it is safe.

Where it is protected from the evil one who hides in the shadows of my mind.

So I can share Gods love, Unafraid and unashamedly while still here on Earth.

He alone can keep my cup full.

And protect my heart from the pain of my past, and the weaknesses of man.

Only He can strengthen me to endure the road ahead.

He is with me in my suffering, and clears my path to victory.

He never leaves me, or rejects me.

With God I am safe,

With God I am loved,

I am wanted,

I am chosen,

I am redeemed and called by name,

I am known,

I am His.

I must relearn to put my faith in a perfect God, not in man.

To remember His kingdom is my eternal home.

That this life is only temporary.

That to Him, I belong.

In Him I have my being.

I must relearn to forgive, as Christ forgives me.

And love, as Christ loves me.

I must not forget that Jesus too knows rejection from those he loves.

Those that he laid down his life for.

He shares my pain, but has also overcome it.

My heart is safe with God, and God alone.

To him, I entrust my troubled, broken heart.

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