On my heart.

It has occurred to me this morning that I know the secret to happiness and I absolutely need to share it with you!

Something I have noticed which makes a huge difference to my mental health is having a grateful heart. One of the ways I do this is by giving thanks to God, continuously.

I Give thanks to Jesus and the Father throughout my whole day. If I get good news, luck is in my favour, I get a parking spot, something good happens to a loved one. No matter what it is I will take the time to say “thank you Father, thank you Jesus for XYZ.” In all things I give thanks which allows me to see how much God really does work for our good! Instead on focusing on what’s gone wrong that day I am instead grateful for what went right!

Something else which has been revealed to me is the bleakness of a life without Jesus and the Father. We are not designed to live this way and so are of course going to struggle immensely with life. We have no protection from the enemy and are theoretically an open target for him. We have no sense of true justice as we don’t believe that God is the only judge and that where our legal system fails, God does not. Perhaps not in this life but certainly in the next. We cannot practice forgiveness as readily as we have been conditioned by the world to believe true justice is ‘an eye for an eye’. When as Christians we know that we MUST forgive to be forgiven. We must love each other and live in peace to please the Father and show ourselves as Disciples of Christ. We must serve others and praise the Lord our God in all instances. I don’t know about anyone else but I am not afraid of dying. I eagerly await the day I am united with Jesus and the Father and live surrounded only by love and peace in my final resting place. This long sighted promise of heaven fills me with optimism and hope that everything will be right in the end even if this life is difficult, it’s so short in comparison that I can endure it. Even the hardest day here on Earth is worth living to belong and dwell with the father in heaven. God is my hope, my shepherd, my saviour and my reason when nothing else makes sense. How deep and dark the world is without him. How endless and torturous. And with so many people feeling this way how on earth can we expect the world to be a nice place to live in? When the vicious cycle of hate, fear, pain and self-loathing consumes so many and influences all that’s said and done. Without the love and light of Jesus in your heart and his gentle calling and shepherding of your life which brings peace and healing and the eternal promise to dwell in the house of the Lord this world can certainly feel bleak and overwhelming.


God desires that not one of us perish into the fire. He desires deeply that we all know and love him so that he can protect us from the enemy and live in salvation with him. Could you imagine the world if we all knew the truth of Jesus and his never ending love for us all! If everyone knew they could throw away their old life and be made new in Christ. That none of their old choices, sin, or wrong doing would be counted against them and that total healing, unconditional love and FORGIVENESS would follow. Imagine the world if all our cups were filled with these things. Just imagine the difference.

Matthew 28:19

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,”

We do not make disciples for our own reasons or own salvation. We do it as an act of love for others that they may be healed and know the Lord. That they may dwell in the house of the Lord and live in peace.

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