Christian inspiration: Ian McCormack.

I want to dedicate some space on my blog to the inspirational Christian music, books, movies and testimonies which have hugely helped and encouraged me on my journey thus far. As discussed in a previous blog post, Christian testimonies are so powerful and faith building and I really want more and more people to get the message of love, hope and forgiveness that Jesus has for us all! Today I want to share the absolutely incredible testimony of Ian McCormack. There is a link below to his testimony on youtube which is simply put, awe inspiring! His testimony is so powerful and full of hope for us all. I hope it builds and reaffirms everyones faith in God!

This link is totally unaffiliated with myself. I gain absolutely nothing from sharing this link with you other than knowing more people are hearing Ian’s amazing story. ❤️

Ian died and met our Heavenly Father before choosing to come back to Earth to tell his mother what he had seen. I hope it encourages others to believe in the immense power of prayer and our Heavenly Father.

Enjoy and God bless.


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