Faith that moves mountains

I want to share a recent experience I’ve had with you.

Last week, my partner and I found ourselves in a bit of hot water financially, as we didn’t have enough money in our bank account to pay the bills and mortgage.

Now this would normally have sent me into a furious panic (as would it anyone!) However on this occasion it didn’t (which I strongly attribute to a week of listening to Christian testimonies and amazing miracles from God!) I somehow (for the first time in my life) was able to have full faith and trust in God. I KNEW he was going to provide us with the money in time for our direct debits the next day. Each time I checked our account and it was empty I refused to believe that God would not send the money. I repeated over and over that GOD WILL PROVIDE for us, he loves us and it makes no sense that he wouldn’t help us when he is capable of healing the sick, giving the blind their sight back and dropping money in a small kitchen cupboard in Europe! Low and behold at 9pm I checked again and there sat in our bank account was the amount we needed to pay everything! The strange thing is I’ve never been paid that late in the evening before, in all the years I’ve worked with this company. Not only that but the company did not even realise they had paid me and proceeded to pay me the following day too (I will be returning the 2nd payment of course.) I was absolutely floored by this amazing act of God and that he really was working for our Good. Isn’t it Amazing!

This experience has really encouraged me to have more faith and trust in God that he WILL make the impossible possible. Walking by faith and not by sight as the good book calls it. I think we all have a tendency to limit ourselves and what we believe to be possible but God doesn’t! He takes the weak and gives them his strength, he takes the needy and provides for them, he gives hope to the desolate and brings light in the darkness.

Something else I’ve realised is how important it is for Christians to share their amazing experiences and testimonies of God. It really does help build faith and help us realise more and more what God really is able to do in our lives if we put our full trust and faith in him. His last miracle was certainly not 2000 years ago! He is the same God, with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead!! Imagine what else is possible if we just believe with all our heart and all our soul that God will do it! I really don’t think my faith would have been strong enough yesterday had I not heard the amazing Christian testimonies that week. We need to share the Good news of God’s work and let everyone know he really is alive in us and in our lives! He is actively at work for us and he loves us!

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